Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Most of you know what K.I.S.S. stands for right?  Most like to say Keep It Simple Stupid but that last word really bugs me so I call it Keep It Simple Silly!!!  And in the spirit of making life more simple and living by the moment, I need to organize my "stuff" a little bit better.  Not so much as to make it look better when company is here but to make it functional!  So with that said, I have an afternoon to myself today.  I walked into my bedroom and decided these baskets that were hanging on my wall, totally out of place, that were serving as my stache for my scarves needed fixing.  And like any good girl, floods of Pinterest pins started flowing through my head!  I vaguely remembered one for scarves where you hot glued shower curtain rings to a hanger.  Easy enough right?  So I ran to the store, grabbed some rings and headed for home.  I eagerly ran downstairs to find the hot glue gun and hanger.  I ran back upstairs and got everything ready.  Here is what I started out with...
Functional and simple plus kinda looks neat right?  Then I grab my scarves and start putting them through the rings.  I found out that fishing them through the rings took more time than what I wanted.  Then once I had a couple of scarves on it, things started popping off.  Dang it!!!  Then a burst of laughter and I thought to myself "Keep It Simple Silly"!  Here is what came after pulling them off and taking off the hot glue...
Thought..."They open!  Duh!  So much easier to put a scarf in it!"
My, My!  Brilliant! Easy AND functional!
I feel so much better now that those ugly baskets aren't on my wall and my scarves are in my closet where I can see them!!!  Now to finish odds and ends in the bedroom so I can mud & tape, paint, add trim, etc!  Not today but eventually!
Also, to those of you that were praying for Little Bear's dental appointment, he came out with fabulous news!  Ended up not having to do major work because dentist said it looked worse than what it actually was!!!  Hallelujah!  And the appointment was still so fun that Little Bear asked when we can go back again!  Thank God for a pediatric dentist that really loves his job!
Keep it simple my friends!!!
Blonde & Blue


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  1. You Pinterest designer, you! Great idea. I am going to do that with my scarves. It'll free up two drawers in my dresser. Yippee!